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6mm Natural Jute Cat of Nine Tails


Traditional style Cat of Nine Tails Flogger (or cat / cat o'nine tails), similar to a naval punishment whip sometimes called the Captains Daughter, or a Roman scourge, but scaled down to suit indoor play. This cat is ideal for re-enactment enthusiasts as well as for BDSM play among consenting adults. Light in weight it still packs a wallop, and is an ideal punishment whip. As with all Floggermeister products this whip is Vegetarian/Vegan friendly using Jute rope for the falls on this whip, with a decorative rubber grip for the handle.  This is a hand made craft item made in the UK.

Falls may appear stiff at first but will soften with use.
Handle length 10", fall length 20", tail width 6mm an interesting addition to any toy box and environmentally sound too.

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