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Steampunked Heavy Rubber Flogger


This is a heavy rubber flogger, made for those who prefer a thuddier experience.  

Handles: Red Fire Hose and Brass stud detailing

20 tails, 3/4" wide provides a nice medium weight and level of thud. All man made construction makes this flogger easily cleanable.

9" handle and 18" tails makes for a near perfect weight balance, useful for longer sessions.

Tails are made from EPDM  which does not necessarily have the harsh feel often associated with rubber floggers. The soft pliable nature of EPDM means it can feel sensual as well as having a little stretch for sharper impacts. Floggers are made using either textured or smooth EPDM depending on availability.

For examples of this flogger with alternative handle details please see here

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