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Neoprene Rubber 2 Tailed Tawse


Hands up anyone from Scotland, now cross your palms.

Thought not, any Scottish readers of a certain age will remember this piece of evil. Right up until the late 1970's (and maybe later I left Scotland then) the Lochgelly Tawse was the standard equivalent of the punishment Cane in England and usually administered across the hands.

The Tawse (or Strap/Belt as it was "affectionately" known") was scourge of the troublesome pupil, and the ultimate deterrent in the hands of the right teacher. A whole class could be subdued by the public use of the Tawse across one set of quivering palms. Getting the tawse was something you did not forget in a hurry!

Usually made of heavy gauge leather, our Tawse is made from 6mm Neoprene Rubber 22" long in total with a 12" blade measuring nearly 2" across, and split for the final 9" inches to create two very painful tongues. Being 6mm thick, it has a wicked thud to go with the impressive sting and is easier to controi than other thinner straps.

As with all Floggermeister items, this is made in the UK by Floggermeister by hand and is suitable for all kinksters due to no animal products being used.
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