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The Weltinizer Clear PVC Serpent Lash


A simple to use but very effective impact toy. An 8" handle gives a nice solid grip with which to swing this clear PVC lash single tail whip.  Not for the feint hearted!  This is even more evil than the Rubber Serpent Lash >,<  Even light used produces the most awesome welts.  It cracks beautifully and it also glows in black light. Affectionately dubbed 'the bitch biter'

The clear PVC material is very easy to clean.

Available with Textured Wrapped Rubber handles with decorative Turks head knot detailing or French Whipped Handles with Turks head knot detailing.

Materials:  Approximately 3mm Clear PVC lash with a rubber wrapped copper handle

Handle Length: 8"
Tail Length: 33" approx

Review of this item from the lovely Nyphomanic Ness



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