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Clear PVC Panel Head Harness


A '''panel head harness''' is often used in BDSM activities. It is made of interconnected straps designed to encircle the human head; the straps are generally secured by buckles that fasten at the back of the head. Head harnesses are most commonly used to provide points of attachments to secure various kinds of gags although they also have other uses, such as providing attachment points for other forms of  bondage or they are used simply for their psychological effect. Head harnesses may also function as a gag by themselves, by restricting the ability to open the mouth, or have a mouth cover as an integral or removable part. 
Head harnesses, like many other forms of bondage, also have the effect of creating a sense of objectification and erotic helplessness in the wearer, which can be erotic for the wearer, or for those observing them. Many head harnesses are designed with straps that pass in front of the wearer's eyes, restricting their vision, and further increasing the sense of objectification and erotic subjection.  
We offer 2 types of  Clear PVC Head Harnesses.

Option 1 with panel and breather hole. The harness is made with all metal fixings and adjustable straps
Option 2 with panel, breather hole and removable mouth covering. The harness is made with all metal fixings and adjustable straps 

Being made of 3mm Clear PVC both types of Panel Head Harnesses that we make are very easy to keep clean.

This Panel Head Harness will also glow gently under UV Black light and looks stunning in any club environment.



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