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3 Piece Set only 65 Pounds


This 3 piece flogger set would make the perfect gift for someone or maybe you'd just like to add it to your own collection as a compliment to your existing toys. This 3 piece collection is just £65 with free shipping in the UK and only £10 shipping for overseas orders

This handmade collection consists of not one but three perfectly balanced and easy to clean Floggers, one thuddy and two stingy in longer and shorter tail lengths giving you a heavy, medium and small collection for varying sensations.

Floggers are made using either textured or smooth EPDM depending on availability.

Collections are available in fully French Whipped Handles with matching Turks Head Knots or in our Textured Rubber Wrapped Style, again with Turks heads knots.  Both handle styles are available in a choice of colours.

Example Medium Rubber Stingy Flogger with Wrapped Handle with Turks Head Knots


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