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Bluesnake 'Bee Stinger' Singletail


Something a little different and another recycled/repurposed toy.  Not for the feint of heart.  Looks so pretty and innocent doesn't it?  It's not! ;)  Now affectionately known as 'The Bee Stinger' ;)

The Pocket Snake range features a reinforced PVC hose singletail, a short section of 8 silicone falls at the tail and a handle similar to a pit or galley whip. Handles are available in either fully French whipped or  textured rubber wrapped with Turks head knots styles

Great for close up work with the springy nature of the tail allowing stings to be delivered with a simple wrist flick.

A very popular and visually stunning toy.

Handle length: 6"

Single tail length: 12"
Falls length: 10"

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