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Faux 'Barbed Wire' Flogger


This interesting flogger consists of thirty 18" EPDM rubber tails, each with 3 hand tied barb knots in the same PVC cord material used for the turks head knots and for the whipping on the French Whipped handles.  This flogger delivers both stingy and thuddy sensations in equal measure.  Not as vicious as it looks, the barbs deliver more of a scratchy feeling when used lightly but can deliver more of an ouch in the heavier hand.   A great addition to any collection.  Detailing is available in a choice of colours:

Colours: Red, Purple, Green, Turquoise, Pink and Orange  with either black rubber wrapped or French whipped grip, both with Turks head knots as shown in the photos

(mixed colour combos available on request)

Handle length: 9"

Tail length:  18"

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