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Copper Crook Handle Delrin Canes


Featuring a traditional crook school cane style handle, these synthetic canes are very distinctive.

Also they are very flexible with the Delrin inserted all the way through the handle to form a decorated one piece cane that cannot separate from the handle.

Delrin, or Acatel Copolymer is a very strong flexible plastic material.
This is ideal for synthetic cane making as it is very very close to unbreakable and can easily be cleaned between plays, ideal if you share toys between partners.

A Delrin cane is much harsher than rattan. Heavy players would appreciate this harshness. The 6mm canes feature massive sting and whippiness. The 8mm canes give a much deeper impact than almost any other cane bar steel.

The copper handle also adds an additional layer of detail and can be incorporated in any regime or routine you have. The handle will age and go brown over time and each cane handle will obtain a distinctive and unique patina like fine copper cookware and antiques. If you prefer the beautiful rosy shine of fresh new copper, you can incorporate polishing into any domestic routine you have, rewarding or punishing depending on the shine achieved.

Easily cleanable and suitable for all players including Vegetarians and Vegans.

These canes are available in 6 and 8mm Diameter, and in Black and White:

8mm diameter, approximate length of blade 57cm.
6mm diameter, approximate length of blade 47cm.

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